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DK Children’s Anthologies Series (4 Titles)

DK Children’s Anthologies Series (4 Titles)

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Embossed metallic cover with metallic glided edges and a ribbon page marker. This book set is perfect for gifting!


Dinosaur and Prehistoric Life

Little dinosaur lovers will be captivated by the amazing range of prehistoric beasts on display! Detailed artworks bring the past to life, painting a spectacular portrait of ancient supersized, scary, and bizarre animals and plants.


An Anthology of Intriguing Animals

This animal book for children will delight and inspire kids who love animals. They will discover incredible facts and fascinating stories about their favourite animals and some they have never heard of!


The Mysteries of the Universe

Go on a journey from our planet out into the furthest reaches of the universe! Filled with gorgeous illustrations and incredible photography, young readers will be intrigued by the detailed close-up images of each celestial body.


The Wonders of Nature

Throughout the pages of this utterly charming guide to the natural world, you'll discover the myths and legends of living creatures and minerals.


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